Design version 2021 April

Midtown corner building
on 1033 ft² plot


History of the place

The vaulted cellar in the center of the property was probably built in 1574.

Until shortly after the turn of the millennium, the corner was occupied by mixed use buildings for centuries — usually built as half-timbered structures.

The long, narrow cut of the property is an invitation to develop individual areas separately. Above all, the exposed corner along Ernestiner is specifically related to the surroundings.

The half-timbered building planned in version April 2021 follows the millennia-old tradition of carpentry and joins the chain of neighboring buildings. The traditional insulation made of wickerwork, dung and clay is replaced by translucent full glazing.

Currently, designs for alternative structures are evaluated.

Press inquiries are welcome via email to press at chiarc dot com.


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